Fruit Whip

I don't really know if throwing 2 ingredients into a blender can be considered a recipe. And even if it could, I wouldn't be able to take credit for this one. It is merely a result of me googling "Dole Whip" (yeah, you know like the ones from Disneyworld?) and finding at least 25 websites all saying the same thing about how to recreate them. So I did. And while the texture wasn't quite perfectly the same, the flavor was exactly right!

BUT. My youngest daughter doesn't care for pineapple (poor kid--missin' out), so I made her one using a beautiful nectarine, and it was just as delicious!

And now I plan to try strawberries and blueberries too. I bet those might even be my favorites!

Hope you enjoy this simple, sweet treat!


2 cups chopped, frozen pineapple or other fruit (must be frozen solid) 

1 cup lite coconut milk

Note: You can certainly adjust the ratio of fruit to milk depending on how fruity vs. creamy you like your whip. There is no need for precision. Just keep a bit of each ingredient aside so that you can taste and add as you blend.


1. Throw ingredients into a blender, Ninja, or food processor and process until smooth. (You will probably need to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl or pitcher occasionally to make sure all of the fruit is well-incorporated.)

It's just that simple! I'm thinking I might try adding a splash of heavy cream next time just to see if it affects the texture in any significant way. But this is incredibly delicious just as it is, even if it is just a hint different from the Disneyworld version. Enjoy!