The Good List

10.  I am now the owner of a red dragon onesie. Please don't even act like you're not jealous, because it is definitely as awesome as it sounds.

9. This little gem we picked up at Half Price Books a couple weeks ago on vinyl. So fun!

8. Dole Whip. I finally tried the "just like at Disneyworld" recipe posted all over the internet ('cause I mean-- the internet is always right, right? :-P) I wouldn't say it's *exactly* like the ones at Disneyworld, but it's awfully close and super delicious (and probably much healthier than the DW version.)

7. Surprise packages in the mail. Recently my friend Jess sent me what is possibly the most random (and hilarious) combination of items I've ever received in the mail. First, a box of Beanboozled Jellybeans (Do y'all know what these are? Those weird beans with half normal flavors like fruit and cotton candy, etc. and half nasty flavors like ear wax and toothpaste.) My kids LOVE these things, and they're always trying to get me to taste the nasty ones. NOPE! ;-) But also, a pair of Sasquatch yoga pants. I'm not sure why such things even exist, but they make me giggle. A lot. :-D

6. Growing happiness right in the back yard! I love this!

5. After a summer full of uncertainty (so much so that the first day of school had to be delayed by a week), Macy and Grace's school is now getting settled into a new (significantly larger) location. I am so grateful for this school and the impact it is having and will continue to have on the girls, and I'm thrilled to see the growth they are experiencing.

4. This little dude has been hanging out with me a lot lately. So cute! But his favorite place to be is all up in my lavender (even when I'm watering it.) I tried to tell him to step aside for a few minutes, but he didn't listen. And then I got some serious attitude as he dramatically dried himself off after. :-D

3. The Biggest Story -- such a great book. And such GORGEOUS art!

2. Macy auditioned for another CYT production Friday night, and she NAILED IT! I LOVE it when that girl sings!

1. "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you. --Isaiah 54:10