The Good List

10. These guys are so creative and so much fun.

9. Flying kites with my girls and some of their friends. Simple fun.

8. I just downloaded this for free. Looking forward to reading and learning. 

7. While Jared was out of town earlier this week, his host church sent us flowers here at home. What a sweet surprise!

6. A couple weeks ago, I did a cooking demonstration for the wives of the trustees who were here visiting the seminary where Jared works. It was so much fun, and as a thank you, the hostess very graciously gave me a beautiful personalized apron and a gift certificate to this place:

5. And with my gift certificate, this is one of the things I purchased. A massive cast iron skillet! (That's my old "normal sized" one in the background--which I still love by the way. ;-) )

4. One of my favorite things about having a massive lake 1 mile away and a golf course right out my back door is that they attract all sorts of (very low maintenance) "pets" I get to visit any time I want! :-)

3. While Jared and I were in Australia, my Daddy installed the swing that my brother-in-law built for us as a housewarming gift. I just love it!

2. On that same golf course right behind my house, there is an eagle's nest right off the 15th hole. I cannot believe these spectacular creatures are my neighbors!

1. This quote by Charles Spurgeon makes me so happy, because I think it means he approves of my obsession with nature. :-D

I must confess that I think it a most right and excellent thing that you and I should rejoice in the natural creation of God. I do not think that any man is altogether beyond hope who can take delight in the nightly heavens as he watches the stars, and feel joy as he treads the meadows all bedecked with kingcups and daisies. He is not lost to better things who, on the waves, rejoices in the creeping things innumerable drawn up from the vasty deep, or who, in the woods, is charmed with the sweet carols of the feathered minstrels.... One of the purest and most innocent of joys, apart from spiritual things, in which a man can indulge, is a joy in the works of God. --Charles Spurgeon