The Good List

10. Cooking all day when it's raining outside. One of my favorite kinds of days.

9. The Voice is back! This is one of mine and Macy and Grace's favorite shows to watch together. I have more fun laughing at them than I do watching the television. Good times.

8. The deer that like to play in our back yard. We haven't lived here during cold weather yet, but I'm hoping they'll be even more active during the fall and winter. Is that a safe assumption?

7. The fact that I have had to expand my expandable dining room table several times already in the short time we've lived here. And I'm just getting warmed up. ;-)

6. The Martian!!!! I read the book in a day and a half so that I could finish it before we went to see the movie. Both were SO GOOD! I would say, though, that I do think the movie will be much more enjoyable if you read the book first. The movie is very well done, but it just couldn't include everything, and there are so many little nuances you learn about the lead character through the book that can't be picked up from the movie alone. But either way, excellent book. Excellent movie.

5. Sister journals. What's that, you say? Journals that my sister Jody started circulating a few weeks ago. There are 4 of us. We get a journal in the mail. We write (or draw) something, paste in a picture or two, recommend a book or movie, whatever. And then we send it on to the next sister, and they just keep circulating. So these are essentially joint diaries of all 4 Methvin girls. I LOVE THIS IDEA! (As for the blurred parts, I mean, come on.... This is between sisters. It's really none of your business. ;-) )

4. Long phone calls with my Mom that always seem to come at just the right time.

3. Super encouraging Parent/Teacher conferences yesterday at Macy and Grace's school. I was happy to hear of how well they're doing academically, but after such a huge transition this summer, I was most pleased to hear how well they're doing socially and behaviorally. Seems like we might survive this move even with a teen and a tween. Praise be to God! (And I don't say that lightly.)

2. I have a brand new baby niece, and she is pretty much perfect! Meet Dottie Lee, born to Jeremy and Danielle Wilson Saturday, October 3rd.

1. Romans 5 and all that it means for those who are suffering.