The Good List

10. We're taking the girls to see the original Ghostbusters on the big screen tonight. Should be fun.

9. The girls and I made a lava lamp!

8. These little guys are everywhere lately:

7. This will never not make me giggle. I fill it up every single day to get my daily amusement.

6. Our back porch faces due east. This is a detail that I had no idea was of any importance to me until recently. Here's why-- in the late afternoon and evening, even on the hottest days (high 80's yesterday), the house creates the perfect canopy of shade so that the entire deck is perfectly cool and breezy, but still wide open to nature. I love that so much.

5. This is simultaneously one of the coolest and creepiest things I've ever seen. But certainly interesting. Coquina clams apparently hide just under the surface of the sand until it's time to come up and feed. And then....

4. Jared made plans for a little Friday afternoon adventure this week. He says I should bring my camera. Sounds like my favorite kind of adventure! ;-)

3. There is so much yumminess underway in my back yard right now (and even more that isn't pictured). I can't wait!

2. This dude literally walked right up to our front door step Saturday morning. So crazy! (But also awesome.)


1. This quote from Elyse Fitzpatrick, which I read often, and it never gets less awesome.