The Good List

10. Look what I found all the way over here in KC, MO! The con of moving away from your favorite home team is that it's hard to find merchandise in local stores. But the pro is that when you *do* find it, it's dirt cheap. :-D


9. Just in time for all of the little creatures to come out of their winter hiding places AND for our upcoming trip to AUSTRALIA, a new toy for my camera. Can't wait to get some practice with this guy!

8. My current obsession is albino/leucistic animals. I want to go find every single one of them and bring them home with me. Seems the pigmently challenged among us should stick together, no? ;-)

7. Shy little curious froggie eyeballs. My first post-winter sighting this year. They're not quite ready to come all the way out of hiding and visit my back porch, but they're getting there.

6. PETE'S DRAGON is coming soon!!! Y'all don't even know. This was probably my all-time favorite movie as a child. I can still sing every single song word for word, and I could probably even pretty accurately quote the grand majority of the dialog. Maybe this is where I developed my love of dragons, although these days I do prefer them a little more grand and powerful than cute little cartoon Elliott from the original movie. Man. I CANNOT WAIT for this!!!

5. Last Friday was the most stunning day I've seen in a long time. 70 degrees, brilliantly sunny with a happy little breeze. Impossible to resist getting outside with my camera. So I didn't resist. ;-)

4. For my birthday Sunday, Grace made me the sweetest, most personal gift. A whole basket full of homemade spa treatments. Lotion, a candle, body scrub, face mask, even these cool little salt/herb-filled sachets that you can use sort of like loofahs with built in cleanser. She even made recipe cards for each item so that I could keep making the ones that I liked the best. I love it! And yes, there is also a jar of chocolate truffles, because she gets me.  :-)

3. Macy gave me the day off in the kitchen so that I could walk around with my camera or go sit in the sunshine and read or do whatever relaxing things I wanted to do without having to look at the clock or worry about what time I needed to get home to start dinner. :-) And she did a FANTASTIC job! Strawberry Nutella Crepes for breakfast, Salmon Nicoise Salad and homemade bread with pesto butter for lunch, Seafood Medley with Parmesan Cream Sauce and homemade dinner rolls for dinner, and Chocolate Cake Towers with homemade whipped cream, chocolate ganache and strawberries for dessert. YUM! She worked SO HARD and did such a great job!

2. And Jared got me more flight time so I can go do more of this. And he even made sure they knew I didn't want to just go float around a few more times. I wanna LEARN how to climb the walls and do flips and hang upside down, etc. They assured him that if I book my flights with the same instructor each time, he'll train me and make sure I progress. CAN'T WAIT!!! :-D

1. Being reminded so beautifully because of my birthday on Sunday of what an amazingly special family God has built for me here on this earth we're all temporarily calling home. It's always fun to get messages and well-wishes, but when they come from literally all over the globe, it's impossible not to see God's hand in bringing all of those relationships into my life. I'm so grateful for the body of Christ and how they love me.