The Good List

10. Good insurance. We are still in the throes of cleaning up and paying a (not tiny) deductible for a flooded basement, but it certainly could have been much worse.

9. Playoff football. So fun! (Even though none of my favorite teams made it all the way through this year.)

8. Folding warm towels while it snows outside. Cozy.

7. Fresh basil. Probably my most favorite herb.

6. When every single avocado I just bought is absolutely perfect. Jackpot!

5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I kind of wanted it to never end.

4. A roast in a crock pot. So much future happiness. :-D

3. Some of my favorite visitors:

2. Referring back to #10-- I'm pretty overwhelmed by how many people offered to drop everything and come help us when they learned about our flooded basement. We have only lived here for a very short time, but God has already blessed us with some incredibly sweet and special friends that we are so happy to live with during this season of life.

1. I have a brand new baby nephew! Meet perfectly handsome and precious little Andy. I can't wait to smooch and squeeze him!