The Good List

10. This awesome new self-draining non-stick griddle that my sister got me as a (completely unnecessary) hostess gift while she was here last month. I told her she should have kept it for herself, but I'm glad she didn't. :-)

9. NOT traveling this Christmas. (This has only happened twice in my entire adult life.) And to be clear, it is always worth it to get my family all together. But to have them all come to me this year was pretty awesome.

8. On a similar note--NOT gaining any weight during the holidays this year. It can be difficult to find healthy food options when I'm away from home for several days at a time (usually at least a week during the holidays), but this year it was much easier to stay on track since most of my meals happened in my own kitchen. (But no worries--there were plenty of splurge-tastic options for those of my guests who don't eat like I do.) :-D

7. Beets. They're very underrated. Delicious, much more versatile than most people think, and so good for your body!

6. THIS! My sister customized a gorgeous piece of slate for me. Such a thoughtful and personal gift! So special to me!

5. My brother-in-law made me a porch swing and hauled it all the way up here from Texas. I can't wait to get it installed on the back porch when the weather gets a little warmer.

4. Hanging out with a bald eagle during the holidays. I haven't seen him in awhile, but he made several appearances last month. So amazing!

3. Getting back into this. It's been set aside for way too long (for pretty good reasons I suppose), but still.... I've missed it. 

2. Sisters. I love 'em.

1. Hosting my WHOLE CRAZY FAMILY for a week-long Christmas/New Year party! This is the first time we've had the space/location to accommodate everyone. It was so good to have them all here!