The Good List

10. The directTV commercials featuring NFL players. They make me giggle. I think Really High Voice Peyton Manning and Arts and Crafts Tony Romo are my favorites.

9. Amazon's subscribe and save feature. I don't know how new this is, but I only pretty recently discovered it. So helpful for all those ingredients that are so much cheaper to buy in bulk occasionally. It's like Christmas every time I get a shipment! :-)

8. Our downstairs carpet is being installed TOMORROW! This will be the final big step in getting completely moved in and settled here. I'm so excited!

7. Starting off my fantasy football league 1-0. This never lasts long, so I celebrate while I can. :-)

6. Macy is our rookie this year in fantasy football. Not only did she get a win last week, she got the MOST POINTS in the entire league! Nicely done, Mace!

5. Prepping red beans and sausage for dinner and then enjoying a cup of Community coffee while the beans soak. It's all very Louisiana nostalgic.

4. A live action version of Jungle Book is in the works for 2016. Anyone else excited about this? Looks pretty amazing to me!

3. The elusive little hummingbird I finally caught in photos a few days ago. He's been hanging out with me for weeks, but he's so quick, I keep missing him by the time I grab my camera.

2. Grace made fun of me for this yesterday, but I don't care. I'm still using a bookmark she made for me about 6 years ago. Preciousness.

1. Psalm 103. Sort of makes you forget you have anything to whine about, no?