The Good List

10. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. Seriously? I want to go to these.

9. Old maps. I don't even know why I love them so much, but I do. They feel like an adventure just waiting to happen.

8. Received a shipment of 2 disassembled nightstands from Amazon last week. Grace said, "Mom, can I try to put one of these together?" "Sure," I said, thinking she'd be yelling for my help 5 minutes later. Next thing I knew, this happened:

(And she ended up doing the second one too.) Nice!

7. Heavenly Oils and Vinegars, the store that I pretty much just wanna move into. Every flavor of EVOO you can imagine lining the walls. And just as many delicious varieties of balsamic vinegar in the middle. So much YUM!

6. A good, sharp chef's knife. Changes the entire experience of cooking in my opinion.

5. A packed house Sunday night. Food, friends, lots of laughs. At some point, all of the ladies found themselves sitting in a circle on the floor of my kitchen even though the big comfy couches in the next room were completely empty (the guys were outside.) I don't know why it worked that way, but it is still making me giggle. It is the absolute joy of my heart to use my home this way. (I mean, not specifically the sitting on the kitchen floor detail. Just the full house. :-D)

4. Grace has been invited to her first birthday party tomorrow afternoon for her new friend Gracie. (Yep. There is also another Grace and a Gracyn in her class this year. I feel bad for those teachers.) BUT I am so grateful that God is building friendships for my sweet girls. So, SO grateful.

3. A recent "quick sketch" by Macy. I love her talent so much!

2. Watching Twitter flow with responses to Jared's messages at the For the Church conference earlier this week. Gospel, Gospel, Gospel. It's all he talks about. (And I'm not complaining.) So proud of his stubbornness for the Gospel.

1. Initial plans are underway to get my ENTIRE CRAZY FAMILY here IN MY HOUSE for a whole week during the Christmas holidays. I could cry. (Who am I kidding? I already have, and I'm sure I will continue to.) SO THRILLED to have the space and opportunity to host my family this way. I CANNOT WAIT!!!