The Good List 7-29-15

10. Colorful sharpies. What is it about those things? They're like little vibrantly hued containers of fun-ness.

9. The sound of horses running. There's something about it that just feels good in my ears. Is that weird?

8. A clean, organized kitchen. Although ironically, it makes me wanna get in there and cook a bunch of stuff and make a big ol' mess.

7. When Macy and Grace play with my hair. I could sit there for hours.

6. Stephen Wiltshire. This is astonishing.

5. Simplicity. It's severely underrated.

4. A really good pen. Not too fat, not too skinny, with a really smooth ink flow. Sometimes it's the little things. ;-)

3. My favorite new make-your-cleaning-life-easier tip: If something spills over or explodes in your microwave or if for any reason it's just kinda nasty ;-) -- Cut a lemon in half. Put it pulp-side down in the middle of your microwave. Zap for 20 seconds. Then take it out and wipe everything down with a warm, wet cloth. It's like magic! And then use the same lemon on your cook top, tea kettle and faucets. Grime-free in seconds! Basically, you can pretty much clean at least half of your kitchen with a $.40 lemon and very little effort. You're welcome. ;-)

2. Laughing at myself. Life's way too short not to.

1. Making my kids laugh. Especially when it comes from way down deep in their bellies. Those are my rock star moments. I don't need much else.