The Good List 7-22-15

10. Ginger Ale or Sprite (or Sprite Zero for me) poured over frozen mixed berries instead of ice. Delightfully refreshing!

9. Nigella Lawson. Love her recipes, love her accent, love her sense of humor and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Pretty much wanna hang out with her for extended periods of time.

8. The feeling I get just before loading a new batch of pictures onto my computer. It's like Christmas morning. What will I find? (I know--I'm SUCH a nerd!)

7. Hand-written cards and letters.

6. The word "conundrum." It might be one of the best examples in the English language of a word that sounds exactly like its definition. Right?

5. Kale chips. So I don't really know who is making the rules about superfoods and who gets to be in that club, but it seems like kale is a pretty popular choice from most opinions, so let's roll with it. It really does have tons of vitamins, fiber, calcium, etc., etc. And if you roast it in the oven with just a little olive oil and salt and pepper-- Kale chips! Delicious and nutritious!

4. Albert Brooks. I forget how funny he is when I haven't seen him in awhile.

3. Serving dessert in stemware. It adds a little magic to even the simplest of yummy treats.

2. Watching an a-ha moment spread across Macy or Grace's face when they learn something new. So much fun!

1. Seeing hope in someone's eyes (or hearing it in their voice) for what you know is the first time in a very long time. Beautifully special.