The Good List 7-1-15

10. The storm that screamed and sang and whistled outside my window all night long. I love that sound.

9. Freshly organized closets. The OCD in me has a party every time I open the door.

8. Red beans with sausage after I've cooked it allllllll day. Yum!

7. The Phantom Tollbooth. Such a smart book. The movie is cute too.

6. Megamind. A sweet and funny movie, and now I want a pet alien with a massive blue head and gargantuan green eyes.

5. My extremely well-seasoned (pretty much black) baking stone. That dude has seen some recipes, let me tell ya!

4. Flash mobs. I wanna be in one really bad.

3. The African Queen. Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn are brilliant.

2. The way my house smells when I start the day like this. (I promise you wish you could smell this.)

1. Watching someone create art. I could watch someone paint, draw, sculpt or really create just about anything for hours. It's fascinating to me.