The Good List 6-24-15

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox. What an odd, interesting, sweet and hilariously random movie.

9. Parcheesi. I found an old school version in a thrift shop recently that looked like it had barely been used. For $1. Yes, that's correct. One dollar. Felt like my childhood climbed right out of the box when I opened it.

8. Watching kids in rain boots dance through every puddle they can find.

7. Miniature horses. I mean, seriously...

6. Caramelized onions. They're pretty much magical.

5. Keith Green. I need to read No Compromise again.

4. When my Mom calls me on release date of the newest kids/family movie and says, "Do the girls have this yet?" The answer is always no because she is usually the first one at a retail establishment on these dates. ;-) And then she always happily responds with, "Good! I'm sending it today." So sweet.

3. Old vinyl.

2. Watching Macy and Grace giggle and "awwww" as they read and re-read scrapbooks about their early lives. The exact reason I spend so much time on those things. My love letters to them.

1. The apostle Paul. Really wish I could hang out with him. One of these days....