The Good List

10. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Super fun movie.

9. Fireflies. Pretty solid evidence that God wants us to never grow old in our hearts.

8. Not being able to remember the last time I was bored. It was a loooooong time ago.

7. When Grace asks me every morning before she dresses for school, "Mom, what's the high and low for today?" (She's a planner, that one.)

6. The super sweet tiny little notecards Michael's sells in their bargain bins. Perfect for lunch box notes. :-)

5. Cumulus clouds. You know--the kind that make the sky look like a massive adventure-filled cartoon. I very much want to frolic in them.

4. Using old pictures as bookmarks. Doubles the fun of reading.

3. Gigantor! We discovered this massive frog living in our koi pond last week, and I'm kind of obsessed with him. Pretty sure he's the biggest frog I've ever met in person.

2. This ridiculously handsome little stud muffin is coming to see me in just a few weeks!!! (And he's bringing his parents too, so that's pretty cool. :-D)

1. This is one of Grace's textbooks. I could cry. (Have I mentioned how grateful I am that we found this school?)