The Good List 6-17-15

10. Getting in the "A" boarding group on Southwest Airlines.

9. A good, sharp chef's knife. It makes cooking so much more fun.

8. Thrift stores. I hardly ever buy much of anything, but it's fun to see pieces of my childhood scattered throughout these places. So many memories that I'm not sure would come to mind any other way.

7. Enormous peonies. One of my favorite flowers.

6. Having friends I know will always be in my life regardless of our geographical challenges. So grateful for them!

5. Grace's "Good Morning" message on my mirror. :-)

4. Edgar Allen Poe. So creepy and awesome.

3. Bacon. I know, right?!?

2. A freezer full of homemade goodness.

1. Having Macy (almost entirely on her own with no adult help) turn a job shadow assignment into a free ticket for her (and significant upgrade for her family) to the recent Brian Regan show. So much fun!