The Good List 8-19-15

10. Colorful kites

9. Bare feet in warm, lush, green grass

8. Tony Chachere's seasoning. I use this stuff almost every single day, and it makes pretty much everything scrumptious.

7. The sound of a box fan at night. Nostalgic. Takes me back to church camp in the miserably hot south.

6. Honey roasted peanuts. Sometimes they're just enough sweet to keep me out of the cookies and brownies. ;-)

5. The perfectly decadent combination of lemon and ginger.

4. Van Gogh's Starry Night interpreted with dominoes. This is brilliant.

3. The colors of nature:

2. This conversation-- Macy: Mom, can we paint something on our wall? I promise it'll be awesome. Me: Well.... as long as it's awesome. ;-)

Which led to this:

I'd say she delivered on her promise. ;-)

1. Grace. Exquisite, extravagant, lavish, eternal grace.