The Good List 8-12-15

10. Ambigrams. Words that read the same upside-down as they do right-side up. How fun is that?

9. When every sock in a load of clothes has a match. How sad is it that this happens so seldom that it's noteworthy when it does? ;-)

8. Airports with free wi-fi. Which in my opinion should be all airports at this point in life, but since that isn't the case, I'm grateful for the ones that get it right.

7. Mini Babybel white cheddar cheese. Quite possibly the most delectable 70 calories you'll ever consume. Also: it's fun to peel off the little wax shell. ;-)

6. A brand new box of crayons. Right? I know y'all know what I'm talking about. 

5. Constellations. Isn't it fun that God is so creative?

4. Eye contact. Sometimes I fear that the ongoing increase in non-face-to-face communication will make it a thing of the past, but I hope to do my part to make sure my family values its importance and keeps it alive.

3. Bare feet in lush green grass.

2. When Macy and Grace are playing together unaware that anyone is listening, and they are making each other belly laugh like the very best of friends. Best. Sound. Ever.

1. The delicate yet powerful sound of a room full of Bible pages being turned.