The Good List

10. The smells of Christmastime.

9. Amazon Prime. Particularly at Christmastime. ;-)

8. My sister and brother-in-law's new toy and all of the fun family adventures it promises to provide.

7. The mash-up of O Come All Ye Faithful and Sing to the King we sang on Monday night. So so good. Maybe my new favorite Christmas Carol.

6. Our newly reupholstered cushion (thanks to my friend Ann Gordon) for the church pew we brought with us from Vermont. This is a treasure to me.

5. The sunset that greeted us immediately upon arrival into Hutchinson Monday evening. I didn't have my good camera with me, but this is what I captured with my phone (with no filter), and I can assure you this does it no justice. Just glorious.

4. The sweet little deer that I get to enjoy almost any time I take an extended walk around the lake. LOVE!


3. Indoor skydiving. I pretty please want to do this every single day...

...even though it completely wrecked my hair. :-D

2. Crestview Bible Church. Such a welcoming and caring group of people. And so eager to know Christ and understand the Gospel better. What a joy and blessing to spend time with them this week!

1. Ephesians 1:3-14, in which we learn among other amazing truths that we are SEALED with the promised Holy Spirit. I can't read or remind myself enough. It's beyond comprehension really.