The Good List

10. Halls Defense Drops. Yeah, I know they probably don't really do anything. But when people all around me sound like they're coughing up their pancreas, for some reason it makes me feel better to have some Vitamin C in my mouth. ;-)

9. I'm already a fan of the fact that KC, MO has more fountains than any other city in America (and it's second in the entire world only to Rome, Italy). To add a little more fun, several of them are currently tinted royal blue in honor of the Royals. I'm much more of a football than baseball girl, but this city makes it kind of impossible not to get on board. :-)

8. The smell of fresh lavender. This is the first year in at least 10 that I haven't had any growing at my house. Moving mid-summer meant I didn't have time to do any gardening of any kind this year. But I got to "pet" this plant several times last Saturday, and my hands smelled like it the rest of the day. So soothing and refreshing.

7. Kauffman Memorial Garden. Jared and I enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful stroll through here while we were in downtown KC, MO on Saturday.

6. Macy and Grace recently decided to start working out with me. SO MUCH MORE FUN than doing it all by myself.

5. And speaking of working out, I love having this as my destination when I go out for a walk/run.

4. Fall. It's my favorite color, my favorite smell, my favorite temperature, my favorite food, my favorite sport. I love pretty much everything about it.

3. Macy is bringing home a whole group of friends this afternoon to finish up a project, hang out and have dinner together. It is so good for my heart to see how quickly and easily my girls are making friends and settling in here.

2. The Jesus Record by Rich Mullins (and friends). I forget how much I love it when I haven't listened in awhile, but it never disappoints. And it makes me miss Rich Mullins so much.

1. Remembering the presence of Christ during some of the most difficult weeks of my life (in very different ways) around this time every year for the last 3 years. But not just his presence. His comfort. His peace. His healing. His provision. His miracles. His constant, overwhelming, unfailing love. And so much more. He has never ever let me down. Ever.