The Good List

10. Door to door trash pick-up. This probably seems weird, but when we lived in Vermont, we had to load up our trash and drive it about 20 miles over to the next town to get rid of it. (And this process was more expensive than our current practice of rolling our trash can to the end of our driveway once a week.) So. Yeah. This is a pretty big deal actually. ;-)

9. Saturday mornings when there's nothing on the calendar for that day. We get to choose our own adventure!

8. Macy and Grace finally got their house hoodies for school. They're so excited, because now they can wear these instead of their "normal" uniforms. 

7. The new friend I met at the lake yesterday.

6. Honey Crisp apples with almond butter. So yummy. Really every other apple should be ashamed of itself for not being as delicious as a Honey Crisp.

5. Vermont October in a box from one of my favorite friends. Thank you, Tammy! Love you so much!

4. Tickets to Australia for March 2016 BOOKED!!! Jared will be preaching in various venues throughout the southeast part of the country, and I get to tag along and take all of the pictures of every of all of the gorgeousness there.

3. Truth. Grateful that it will prevail. Sometimes not immediately, but always certainly.

2. This little super stud is visiting this week all the way from Vermont. (And he brought his parents too, so that's pretty cool.)

1. A Savior who comforts and sanctifies simultaneously.