The Good List

10.  Watching American Ninja Warrior with Grace. We're pretty much addicted. Team USA!!!

9. Grace's latest Lego creation:

8. We've had some nice warm days this past week, and all the little birdies have been loving it! I snapped all of these pictures within just a few minutes of each other Saturday morning, and there were many more.

7. Handwritten cookbooks and recipes.

6. Recently, Macy seems to really enjoy cooking and helping me in the kitchen. LOVE!!!!!

5. This was the *eastern* sky behind my house one night last week during sunset. I don't even understand how this is geographically possible, but it makes me happy.

4. I FINALLY spotted a bluebird on the back deck last week. When my Dad was here visiting last month, we kept looking for one of these guys but never saw one. I hope this little beauty shows up again when Dad is back in March.

3. A night at the symphony. Jared found inexpensive tickets and decided to give it a try for "something different." Turns out they were the best seats in the house. First row *behind* the orchestra, where the sound quality was excellent, and we got to watch the conductor make all of his funny and dramatic faces. :-) But I confess I had my eyes closed much of the time. Just seemed like the best way to enjoy the incredible music. (Pictures weren't allowed during the performance, but here is a glance at the set-up.)

2. Celebrating 12 years TODAY of my niece, Reece! Wishing I could go flip around with her all day. :-)

1. Celebrating 68 years of my Mom this week! (January 31st) She is easily one of the most giving, caring, sharing people I have ever known and also the reason I am completely allergic to the idea of anyone ever leaving my house hungry. Love you so much, Mom!